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Pain Relief

Introducing Cannabidiol (CBD) to the human body has shown to help activate or inhibit naturally occurring compounds. An example of this is CBD stops the body’s absorption of anandamide. Increasing anandamide levels in the bloodstream will reduce how much pain is felt.

Heart Health

Presently reports show cannabidiol can be beneficial to the cardiovascular system.  Additionally study showed CBD caused dilation of arteries and protected blood vessels from damage. Since CBD limits inflammation, people suffering from atherosclerosis have seen positive results.

Anxiety & Depression

In addition, studies have shown cannabidiol can help reduce symptoms of anxiety. Brains scans of participants showed changes in blood flow in parts of the brain related to feelings of anxiety. Recent studies on animals have found CBD to show promising results as an anti-depressant.

Cancer Symptoms

A study has found that cannabidiol is an effective inhibitor of breast cancer. Studies also show CBD can help reduce the spread of some types of cancer. Scientists have found cannabidiol slows cell growth and can even eliminate certain cancer cells growing in lab dishes.



Pet Friendly




Bone Stimulant

There are several methods technicians use to extract CBD from cannabis and hemp plants. From these methods, there are several techniques such as processing material for extraction under low or high temperatures. This produces several types of CBD that can be confusing for people interested in its benefits. We will explain the differences and why CBDaily chose to use broad Spectrum CBD in our products.

Broad Spectrum

Why it's the Best CBD Choice

Broad spectrum refers to a form of CBD that has a limited cannabinoid profile.  There are numerous cannabinoids, some of which have positive effects such as cannabidiol (CBD). However, some cannabinoids like Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are psychoactive and their effects are not desired by the majority of people interested in CBD. The process by which broad spectrum CBD is created prohibits the extraction of THC and other undesired Cannabinoids. Here at CBDaily we believe broad spectrum is the best form of CBD because it has the most benefits for health & wellness while excluding other less desirable effects typically associated with cannabis.

Broad Spectrum CBD contains no THC and is not psychoactive.
Best option for health & wellness.



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